Parents don’t have it easy either, they fight their own battles!

The usual thing is to read or talk about how complicated the woman has in motherhood. Since pregnancy is very complicated, going through childbirth, recovering from it, breastfeeding, returning to work when you are still breastfeeding or when you have not fully recovered from childbirth … It is complicated, and this everyone knows and you must be aware of it. But what is not talked about is that parents do not have it entirely easy either.

It seems that they become invisible because it is the woman who “suffers” everything, and they, who are accompanying them, cannot complain or even be wrong. Because they do not go through the same as women! But we forget that they too are human, they have emotions and they also begin a new stage in their life: parenthood.

Father, couple and man

Nobody said it was easy to enter the world of parenthood, even less when it seems that resignation is the only way to enjoy family life. Resignation to tiredness, to spending the nights awake, to preparing bottles at 4 in the morning, to not having a sexual life as active as before becoming a father, to having to assume more expenses, to being called selfish when you do not understand a tantrum of a 3-year-old girl in the middle of a shopping center, to have to see how your children fight over “mommy’s love” but not yours …

It is difficult to discipline as required by today’s society: many emotions, positive discipline and no yelling at children . If you are nervous or tired, you should count to 10 before answering the children so as not to cause serious emotional consequences in them. And although this is true, it is complicated based on the fact that today’s generation of parents lived a childhood where parents (now grandparents) did not distinguish their own emotions very well or knew what emotional intelligence was .

A time where the “heavy hand” and “fear” was the best discipline in a society still fragmented by machismo. Fortunately, that is a thing of the past and there are few loopholes left in the home, but since today’s parents were not taught to grow up with emotional intelligence because they received a “heavy hand”, it is more difficult to be “an exemplary father”.

Less and less forgotten and more needy

They demand a lot from today’s parents and if they are not up to the task, it is because they are selfish, despotic or bad parents. But the reality is that they too are parents and are dealing with their own learning, which is taught by their children! Every day is also a challenge for them, they must learn new things to educate their children in a balanced way.

They also go out to work, they have to do household chores, be with the children, find time for themselves and take care of their partner, their relatives, friends … For them this is also difficult and it is an issue that should be raised the society. Because today, mothers and fathers go hand in hand when it comes to raising their children, and that is a fortune for the children! Although not every day is a bed of roses … They know that their role is crucial for the proper development of their children and for a good family climate.