Selecting The Right Baby Doll Stroller

There is no shortage in the choice of Baby Doll Stroller. You will come across a variety of stroller for your newborn, but choosing the right one is very crucial indeed. Most baby strollers’ manufacturers will surely have a separate section of miniature doll versions for the baby doll, making it a challenging task for parents and baby girls to choose the right model for their newborn baby. 


Choosing the Right Baby Doll Stroller 

Today, there are lots of different versions and shades for Baby Doll Stroller. So, you need to be precise enough while making the selection. You need to make the selection of the stroller based on the size and shape of the dolls. You must avoid buying the stroller that your neighbor or friend has for their baby dolls because the weight, size, and shape of your dolls might be different from your friends, and hence the demands will be different. 


Bonus: Tips for dealing with a child

Along these lines, learn here on Baby Journey the tips in preparing your child, from washing to dressing and brushing to nail cutting, everything with complete flawlessness. 

1) Kids shouldn’t be given a shower each day, not more than 4 to multiple times in seven days. If you feel that your child needs a shower, then you should see the climate conditions. If the climate is hot, you can give him/her a brief timeframe shower, or when it’s a colder time of year, the time each day shower isn’t needed. At the point when you are washing your child’s body, make sure that each body part is being washed appropriately uniquely, the diaper locale as they wear diapers practically constantly. Hence, there are immense odds of skin rashes. 

2) Baby’s nails become long quick. While cutting the nails, utilize just child nail trimmers or nail filers. Make the nails minimal wet and afterward cut them as it will relax the nails without harming the child. 

3) Kids don’t have teeth at the minuscule. However, you can clean or wipe the gums with a mouth cleaner or utilize a fabric or wipe to clean the gums.

4) You should clean the infant’s ear consistently. After the shower is finished, tenderly clean the entire ear with wet cotton or earbud intended for little children. While utilizing the earbud, be cautious that it doesn’t dive deep inside the ear.

5) Apply cream and powder to the general body of your child. Try not to apply any of the items that are not made for youngsters. In some cases, it happens that guardians apply the grown-up cream or powder on kids’ bodies. You ought to consistently utilize infant care and prepping items to make them perfect and fit. 

So, think about your baby dolls and decide based on their weight and size, and shape. You need to choose sturdy materials when it comes to choosing the baby doll strollers. Ensure that it can withstand the weight and daily abuses of your baby perfectly.

Are your children misbehaving? Emotional Intelligence will help you

Many times children show their discontent through bad behavior, and parents hastily judge the little one by labeling him “bad.” In reality there are no bad children, they just have to learn to behave better so that in this way, they are able to enjoy a harmonious family relationship … But they need your patience and your constant guidance.

Never label a child for misbehavior because there is ALWAYS an emotion behind it that must be discovered and understood.

EI will help children to have a good self-knowledge, a better management and a better understanding of frustration or any other emotion that is usually considered negative.

With EI, children will learn to understand themselves better and consequently, they will also learn to understand others … that is, empathy and respect for oneself and for others will begin to grow. Good behavior will carry more weight because you will understand your emotions better and you will not feel the need to express in some way (such as bad behavior), the most negative or intense emotions.

Children with character

There are many children who have a lot of character, who are born already temperamental. This is not bad, they will need a greater closeness with their parents, and a more constant guidance. Regardless of what the children are like, they will always need a respectful parenting. Your children need you to be by their side, to set limits according to their needs so that they are able to understand that there are behaviors that are not acceptable.

Self-control is essential on many occasions and children must master it to avoid toxic behaviors in the future. Responsibility is a way of making them grow by being autonomous and capable of understanding themselves and others. This is not easy at all but it is possible and even more likely to achieve it if you put IE on your side.

IE as a lifeline for bad behavior

These strategies are useful for children over 4 years old, since before, due to their limited understanding, they can only guide, attend and intuit the needs of children. You will need to understand why she has some reactions and how you can prevent them. But from the age of four:

  1. I calm down to explain what happened and how I feel. If a child misbehaves, do not yell at him or get angry, ask him why he did it and help him find the right words. Name the emotions that have appeared: anger, rage, anger. For example: “I have hit my brother because I have felt very angry.”
  2. I understand the feelings of others. It’s about working on empathy. If you are misbehaving, you need to understand how your behavior affects other people. Every action has an impact on others in some way … and positive behavior will always be better for the good of yourself and of others.
  3. As I already understand my emotions better and those of others, now I will act being more responsible. You must help your children to find the solution to what has caused that emotional discomfort and in this way, the next time they will be able to react in a more appropriate way to the context, situation and for their own emotional well-being.

With these IE strategies, your child will begin to understand that he will not always have what he wants at a certain time and that above all, he is the one who is in control of his own emotions … A skill that will serve him for a lifetime.

Parents don’t have it easy either, they fight their own battles!

The usual thing is to read or talk about how complicated the woman has in motherhood. Since pregnancy is very complicated, going through childbirth, recovering from it, breastfeeding, returning to work when you are still breastfeeding or when you have not fully recovered from childbirth … It is complicated, and this everyone knows and you must be aware of it. But what is not talked about is that parents do not have it entirely easy either.

It seems that they become invisible because it is the woman who “suffers” everything, and they, who are accompanying them, cannot complain or even be wrong. Because they do not go through the same as women! But we forget that they too are human, they have emotions and they also begin a new stage in their life: parenthood.

Father, couple and man

Nobody said it was easy to enter the world of parenthood, even less when it seems that resignation is the only way to enjoy family life. Resignation to tiredness, to spending the nights awake, to preparing bottles at 4 in the morning, to not having a sexual life as active as before becoming a father, to having to assume more expenses, to being called selfish when you do not understand a tantrum of a 3-year-old girl in the middle of a shopping center, to have to see how your children fight over “mommy’s love” but not yours …

It is difficult to discipline as required by today’s society: many emotions, positive discipline and no yelling at children . If you are nervous or tired, you should count to 10 before answering the children so as not to cause serious emotional consequences in them. And although this is true, it is complicated based on the fact that today’s generation of parents lived a childhood where parents (now grandparents) did not distinguish their own emotions very well or knew what emotional intelligence was .

A time where the “heavy hand” and “fear” was the best discipline in a society still fragmented by machismo. Fortunately, that is a thing of the past and there are few loopholes left in the home, but since today’s parents were not taught to grow up with emotional intelligence because they received a “heavy hand”, it is more difficult to be “an exemplary father”.

Less and less forgotten and more needy

They demand a lot from today’s parents and if they are not up to the task, it is because they are selfish, despotic or bad parents. But the reality is that they too are parents and are dealing with their own learning, which is taught by their children! Every day is also a challenge for them, they must learn new things to educate their children in a balanced way.

They also go out to work, they have to do household chores, be with the children, find time for themselves and take care of their partner, their relatives, friends … For them this is also difficult and it is an issue that should be raised the society. Because today, mothers and fathers go hand in hand when it comes to raising their children, and that is a fortune for the children! Although not every day is a bed of roses … They know that their role is crucial for the proper development of their children and for a good family climate.